Yax Tun

jade – 翡翠 – jadeite – 硬玉 – yax tun – 경옥 – blue/green stone – หยก – piedra azul/verde – jadeíta – ヒスイ – жадеит – batu giok – ကျောက်စိမ်း – jadeiet – ਜੈਡੀਟ – giadeite – जेडाईट – jadeito – ג’יידייט – jadeitti – jadéite – Jadeit – žadeitas – хаш чулуу – ngọc bích

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The Guatemalan Jadeite Specialists

As of 2020, the Yax Tun jadeite processing workshop is live and we are proud to present the highest quality Guatemalan jadeite available on the market today.  We hold honesty, fairness, and high quality of workmanship as our highest virtues.  We are fortunate enough to find ourselves in a key position in the jade market.  Whether it be a hobby carver, a gemstone cutter, a fine jeweler, a professional sculptor, or a large fine jadeite production facility, we focus on providing exactly what the client needs in order for their jade endeavor to be successful.

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